Motorsyklismen inn i det 21. århundre

Linked to the MEP Ride, FEMA organises the first International Motorcyclists Conference in partnership with the Canadian and Australian motorcycling associations and the European Commission.  

The theme, "Motorcycling into the 21st Century", will tackle key issues of the land transport sector - environment, technology and safety - offering a forum to exchange ideas, discuss challenges and offer solutions. This Conference aims at becoming a regular event gathering politically aware motorcyclists to discuss important matters of policy affecting motorcycling. 

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Travel and venue information 

The two-day conference will take place at the Auto World conference centre in Brussels on June 28th and 29th. The event is open to riders' representatives, researchers, professional associations, traffic managers, trainers, industry, government representatives and in general all who show an interest for the issues and future of motorcycling. For all, the Conference is a unique opportunity to learn about the latest developments in motorcycle technology and safety, gain insight to the next policy innovations in urban transport and infrastructure, and exchange views on the role of powered two-wheelers in mobility across the globe.

On the first day of the Conference the European Commission will officially launch the European Motorcyclists' Forum, a platform for discussion which will include this year a high-level round table on motorcycling in the 21st Century, along with a session dedicated to safety and mobility, presenting the views of motorcyclists and transport policy makers, and addressing the current developments of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Highlights of the event will also include a working session on infrastructure - presenting issues for riders, cases from North America, Europe and Australia as well as successful policies.

Human factors will be addressed by the user forum of the European and international 2-BE-SAFE research project. In both sessions, transport experts from around the world will be presenting their results and debating the outcomes. The programme also includes dedicated sessions on the next generation of motorcycles and sustainable mobility.

The new technology to tackle this challenge will be showcased with the latest developments deployed in motorsports, and their potential in driving market innovation. Test tracks on the Conference site will include a demonstration of zero emission motorcycles, giving you the opportunity to test new motorcycles as well as electric powered two-wheelers.

All featured events and workshops of the Conference will use English as a working language. The 2-day international conference will be combined this year with FEMA's 13th annual MEP Ride, bringing Members of the European Parliament and motorcyclists together for a festive ride around the European capital. 

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