Ny protest i Brussel mot innføring av PKK for MC og moped

The FBMC is not a member of FEMA but share its opposition to the Parliament plan to make PTI compulsory across Europe by 2016, even though no independent study could prove its positive impact on road safety, from the countries that already have one in place.
The European Commission have estimated that if PTIs were enforced in every country it would cost the riding community at least 1.2 billion Euros per year or 50 Euros per person. After a very close vote, the European Parliament went against the recommendation of its own Commission (to postpone the inclusion of two-wheelers long enough to independently prove the legitimacy of this project) and the Consilium hasn’t voted yet. The various riders’ organization stay mobilized, and the FBMC is calling every rider to join their action.
A spokesperson from the FBMC said that it will be a civil and positive action, during which they hope to meet some key politicians and make a show of the determination of all riders outside the Berlaymont building in Schuman. They also call other riders organisations to add their voice at the event.
Please find all the information in http://www.fbmc-belgium.be/

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